Younique slanders


today i wanted to use the time to get something out that really started to annoy me. Many people are misinformed about the Younique Mascara. I see questions like is it authentic ?
The question is what is authentic in that case. I collected a few links from the government to clear at least 1 question. US laws require you to print/state the country of manufacturing/origin
on the product/packaging. Here i show you the sticker of the so called authentic/original product to read for yourself what it says. Younique Rep’s slander all over the place with false statements and spread the wrong information. We don’t hate Younique but we offer the same product and the same quality for a better price with accurate shipping cost thats the difference. And there is one more thing about there latest product which is supposedly made in germany. False information, I’m happen to be german and number 1 on the list is we have to label the product and the packaging with the country of origin. Next problem is we produce for our own market and international but for some reason when i started digging it seems like the product is unknown to the german market. We started a test on a younique uk’s rep’s website and couldn’t even order a product to germany. I know this might start a discussion and arguments but I’m not afraid to dig deeper and bring some more counter’s on the table to show you that either younique the company or the rep’s are lying and slander other people to destroy there reputation with false information.

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